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About Us

Since our establishment in 1994, Compuscan has emerged as a reputable and trustworthy credit bureau, committed to providing total credit reporting and risk management solutions throughout the credit life-cycle. Over the years we have experienced rapid growth and have evolved from being a local credit information agency to a full service credit bureau delivering solutions to a range of institutions in markets across Africa, including: mainstream banks, microfinance institutions, microlenders, utility companies, co-operatives and credit unions. This progress reflects our commitment to developing quality services and solutions to meet commercial needs.

As a full service credit bureau, we offer a range of comprehensive datasets which offer a holistic view of consumer and business information. Our data includes account/repayment information, previous enquiries, identification and contactability information, public domain information, collections information, default adverse information, debt restructuring information, commercial/business credit information, property information and director information. In addition, our data includes bureau scores, employment histories, bank codes, securities information, trade references and fraud information to assist businesses to make the most informed decisions.

At Compuscan, we are passionate about consumer and business credit data and understand the immense importance of quality data to the integrity of the credit industry and the growth of the economy as a whole. We therefore continuously strive to develop innovative applications by which to meaningfully apply and utilise our extensive datasets to meet our clients’ needs. Our range of credit management solutions aim to result in greater efficiencies for all clients with decreased risk to better the performance of their business. The ultimate value to our clients is real-time, accurate credit information, combined with innovative technologies and extensive industry experience which supports best credit granting principles. We furthermore extend our services to consumers by providing access to free credit reports on an annual basis and by offering our services in nine official languages.


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Our vision, at Compuscan, is to be the leading provider of credit management solutions.


Our mission, at Compuscan, is to serve the credit industry with relevant and reliable credit management solutions, to assist businesses to make better business decisions, to minimise risk and maximise profits, while at the same time protecting the consumer from over-indebtedness and reckless borrowing.