Leadership | Compuscan


Compuscan started out as a company of fewer than 10 staff members and has matured to a sizable team of over 400 individuals working in 8 countries. The company prioritises the creation and maintenance of a team-centric environment and seeks to better the individual by encouraging each one to strive for more and to achieve beyond what they thought possible, and by doing so, also improve the functionality of the team as a whole. By applying this culture to all of the processes that are carried out on a daily basis, Compuscan aims to continue growing as a team and prospering as a business.

The team is led by the following executive directors:

Remo LenisaRemo Lenisa – Founder and CEO

The success that Remo has achieved can be traced back to his personal experience in the microlending field, and thus his insight into the functioning of credit, as well as his passion for the industry and his company. He upholds a hands-on approach in the way the company is run and believes in practical solutions.

Remo is actively involved in the overall management of the Compuscan Group, customer relations, sales and the design and development of new products and services with the best solution for clients in mind. He is also involved in the implementation of strategic plans for Compuscan to ensure that future developments occur optimally. Remo’s expertise and drive were fundamental in the establishment of the company, while his highly capable management style, persistence and determination have resulted in its expansion and success. He ensures that Compuscan functions at its best as a team so that clients receive the absolute highest level of service and offerings.

Frank LenisaFrank Lenisa – Director

Frank Lenisa joined Compuscan as a Director in 1996. He has been involved in the overall management of the company as it has grown to be a successful role-player in the industry.

Frank has added value to the company through his expertise in the field of marketing and business management and his extensive knowledge pertaining to the credit industry.

Frank leads the marketing division and oversees all aspects of Compuscan’s marketing functions while also being involved in general management by contributing to the strategic planning and business development of the company. He is also in charge of the company’s human resource function together with the Human Resources Practitioner. Furthermore, Frank is involved in the skills training development of Compuscan and the management of Compuscan Academy.

Jaco AlbertsJaco Alberts – CTO

Jaco Alberts joined Compuscan in 1998 and was responsible for the development of our IT solutions which has made a marked contribution to the growth of the company. Jaco manages his team with enthusiasm and continuously encourages members of the team to reach beyond their potential. He bases his work on a solution orientated framework and approaches challenges accordingly. He furthermore focuses on the specialised technological aspects of the company while keeping the overall function and goal of the company in mind.

He is involved with the building of a data housing and processing environment that will be able to support the next growth cycle by adopting alternative technologies. Jaco continuously ensures that the company remains on cue with industry developments and that it applies the best and most relevant technologies to the development of solutions in order to maintain Compuscan’s successful position in the field.

Mike MalanMike Malan – MD (Compuscan Uganda)

Mike Malan, Managing Director of Compuscan Uganda, joined the Compuscan team in 2007 and took up the challenge of introducing Compuscan’s credit bureau services and the Financial Card System (FCS) to Uganda. Mike has more than 20 years’ experience in the credit information industry working as a senior specialist in commercial and consumer credit bureaus, where he has had the opportunity to obtain insight and knowledge into credit, fraud and risk policies.

He has a great passion for the credit bureau industry and an in-depth understanding of its functioning. Mike has attended many international conferences as a renowned industry specialist speaker on behalf of Compuscan.

Corporate Governance

Compuscan is committed to implementing best practice in respect of corporate governance and we recognise the importance of conducting our business with openness, integrity and accountability.

The Compuscan board of directors is committed to maintaining high standards of governance when discharging their fiduciary duties. Compuscan gives priority to sound corporate governance principles, and as such, governance will continue to receive the board’s attention as they strive to provide strategic oversight and leadership to the company.

The company benefits from the guidance of an experienced and stable board and comprises a balance of executive and non-executive directors.

The legal department is responsible for informing directors on an on-going basis of major regulatory and legislative developments in order to keep the board abreast with current requirements.