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Operational Countries


Compuscan Australia is a registered company engaged in the provision of consumer credit reporting and other related services. Compuscan Australia is a company of CSH Group.

The Compuscan Group was established in South Africa in 1994 and currently operates in a number of international markets. As of 2016 Compuscan commenced with operation in Australia.



Compuscan entered Namibia in 2000 to address a need for a credit bureau for the microfinance industry.

Currently microlenders in Namibia have to register with the MLA (Micro Lending Association) as well as NAMFISA (Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory) who mandate that all microlenders must be subscribed to Compuscan.

In Namibia clients can receive up-to-date credit bureau information which includes microloan information, previous enquiries, identification information, judgement information and administration orders. In addition, should a company be registered with the CPA (Credit Providers Association) or should their head office be based in South Africa and registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) or CPA – Compuscan will be able to provide them with further information such as NLR (National Loans Register) or CPA data.

Compuscan currently offers clients within the countries a range of services and products, including:

  • Biometrix – Our biometric identification solution
  • Credit Check – Our online interface which facilitates access to our bureau data
  • Proloan – A loan management system to automate, manage and simplify the loan management process
  • Codix – An automated rules engine
  • Xcelerator – A automated application processing system
  • CompuWatch – Provides Credit Check subscribers with an efficient tool to monitor borrowers movements in the credit industry
  • Marshal – Namibia’s first and only credit bureau scorecard for the microfinance sector


As with Namibia Compuscan entered Botswana in 2000 to establish a credit bureau for the microfinance industry.

In Botswana microlenders have to register with MLAB (Micro Lending Association of Botswana) and only once the Compuscan installation has been completed do they get issued with a license of trade.

The types of data available in Botswana are the same as those available in Namibia. In addition, all products available in Namibia are available in Botswana with the exception of Marshall which is currently only available in Namibia.


In 2006, Compuscan was selected by the Bank of Uganda to establish the first-ever Ugandan credit reference bureau and biometric identity smart card system for the credit industry. Our world class bureau system, which was formally introduced in 2008, required Ugandan financial institutions to issue smart cards to their borrowers as part of a borrower identification program. Prior to this, Uganda did not have a formalised identification system and there was no unique way of identifying a borrower.

To combat this and ensure a more secure lending environment Compuscan’s system, commonly referred to as the Financial Card system (FCS), requires that each borrower has their fingerprints and photograph taken at the time of loan application. Compuscan is responsible for generating a unique identification number that is associated with each set of finger prints, or legal entity. The number and the print image is then stored on a smart chip embedded in a smart card and returned to the borrower.

The Financial Smart Card System ensures that credit records are loaded against the correct individual’s name and prevents identity theft and fraud.


Compuscan was awarded a tender by the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) to provide a Consumer and Business Credit Information Bureau in Ethiopia which included the application, infrastructure, training and data migration strategies. The official system launch took place in August 2011.

In light of the project, NBE required the provision of a Credit Information Centre (CIC) system which allowed banks and microfinance institutions to exchange information on their clients’ repayment history and current debt profiles and which compiled a database that collects, stores, consolidates and processes information related to persons and businesses.

The bureau system is the first building block to provide financial institutions in Ethiopia with modern tools to improve credit granting processes and it represents a significant step forward for the entire market in Ethiopia.


In 2013 the Central Bank of Lesotho accepted Compuscan’s application for the registration of a credit bureau in Lesotho. Compuscan is currently in the process of finalising the registration and hopes to start operations in the near future.