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Social Investment

Compuscan is committed to investing in the upliftment of the communities in which it operates. Our social responsibility policy extends beyond our formal CSR commitments and monetary donations. We employ a hands-on approach with daily commitments that include the delivery of food and financial support to educational staff. Since our establishment, our focus has turned to various educational initiatives as we understand the importance of education for the growth and prosperity of the emerging markets we operate in.

The Village Kids

Compuscan renovated, re-opened and adopted the Village Kids Nursery School in Garden Village, Somerset West in 2004 after the company became aware of the need for a nursery school in this area. Further to funding its teachers’ salaries and the overall maintenance of the school, Compuscan provides daily meals and regular support to the staff. At Compuscan, the annual shoebox project has become so popular that donations are filled within ten minutes after applications open.

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The Child Witness Centre

Compuscan became a sponsor of the Child Witness Centre in Somerset West in 2009. The centre was established to assist young child witnesses and their families through the legal system and to prepare them for the court case in order to make the ordeal less frightening and stressful. The centre aims to prevent any further trauma during the legal process by educating children and their families about the process and providing them with support during and after the proceedings.

Child Welfare Tshwane

Our annual contribution towards the Child Welfare Tshwane has enabled the organisation to host a benefit concert in order to raise funds for the Bramley Children’s Home. Compuscan is committed to the academic and physical development of these children in order to help them reach their full potential. The proceeds of these concerts are used to pay for their uniforms, sport and recreation, special therapy sessions and holiday programmes.

Project codeX

Compuscan has committed itself to building Africa’s digital future through Project codeX, an initiative aimed at advancing the careers of aspiring South African developers. In order to meet the growing need for qualified, innovative young developers, we are sponsoring three students to complete the full-time apprenticeship.

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Money Management Workshops

Compuscan frequently hosts free Money Management Workshops to educate and equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to better manage their personal finances and make informed financial decisions. We also provide attendees with free credit reports and the necessary support to understand their credit worthiness and debt status.

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Kayamandi Wonder Plant Project

With more than 99% of the world’s natural forests being destroyed and climate change posing a major threat to our future on the planet, this initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and create jobs through the planting and distributions of Spekboom plants in townships.

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