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Compuscan’s range of debt collection solutions ensure that you can collect on debt more efficiently and more effectively ensuring your business remains profitable. By combining our comprehensive range of contactability data, tracing solutions and extensive experience we are able to offer our clients an all-encompassing collections management solution.

Compuscan Business Solutions – Collection Phase Products And Services

Compuscore C

CompuScore ABC LogoCompuscore C is a debt collections assessment score which was developed to predict the probability of receiving payment on overdue accounts based on key performance indicators on our bureau database. Compuscore C is of great value to credit providers and collections companies as it may be used to monitor debtors’ repayment behaviour.

In addition, to yield the best return on collections, we are able to set the priority on which matters should be targeted by placing Compuscore C into probability bands. These bands can then be overlaid with the hand-over amount. The hand-over amount banding can be customised depending on the product and industry for maximum effectiveness.

Compuscore C forms part of Compuscan’s scoring suite, Compuscore ABC which provides predictive scores throughout the credit life-cycle. Other products included in the Compuscore ABC suite are Compuscore A, an acquisition risk evaluation score and Compuscore B, a behavioural risk score.

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Columbus LogoCompuscan’s state of the art tracing program allows you to trace missing debtors with ease and accuracy. The advanced system provides a wealth of comprehensive tracing information on the missing debtor as well as information on their extensive network of connections. Furthermore, you are afforded the opportunity to place debtors on a Watch List for on-going monitoring when you are not immediately able to trace them. This ultimately provides an all-encompassing solution for locating debtors and puts the power back in your hands to trace even the most hard-to-find individual quickly and efficiently.

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compuwatch logoCompuWatch provides Credit Check subscribers with an efficient tool to monitor borrowers movements in the credit industry. With CompuWatch credit providers can choose which credit bureau data to monitor and set up triggers and alerts for specific borrowers. By using  CompuWatch, credit providers receive updated information on their borrowers as soon as it’s available on our database allowing them to take immediate action to minimise risk and prevent fraud as well as make significant savings by initiating loss prevention actions.

Adding Debtors to Trace for Real-Time Monitoring

We will return contactability information where possible. Non-matched debtors are loaded onto a real-time trace database that flags debtors when we receive information indicating their activity in the credit environment. We return new information on the debtors you wish to trace in real-time via our online application or monthly in batch.

Batch Trace

Our extensive range of consumer identity and contact information available in batch format  ensures that you are able to trace debtors quickly and efficiently. This is particularity useful to businesses looking to trace large amounts of consumers simultaneously and provides an immense time and cost saving tracing option.

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