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Customer Management

Compuscan’s range of customer management solutions allow you to monitor your debtors’ activity in the credit industry and effectively manage your portfolio to maximise profitability and reduce risk. With our comprehensive products and services you can easily identify high-risk debtors who require urgent action to be taken as well as those who meet the criteria for additional marketing or up-selling.

Compuscan Business Solutions – Customer Management Products And Services

Compuscore B

CompuScore ABC LogoCompuscore B is a behavioural risk management score which was developed to predict the on-going default risk in a 12-month outcome period. Furthermore, as Compuscore B can be calibrated it allows credit providers to manage their current clients effectively and efficiently.

Compuscore B forms part of Compuscan’s scoring suite, Compuscore ABC which provides predictive scores throughout the credit life-cycle. Other products included in the Compuscore ABC suite are Compuscore A, an acquisition risk evaluation score and Compuscore C, a debt collections assessment score.

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Proloan LogoProloan is a complete loan management system that comprises client, loan, reporting and bad debt modules as well as numerous value-adding functionalities including interfaces to comprehensive credit information, payment systems, credit life insurance, management reports and a SMS module. The system allows you, as a credit provider, to efficiently complete tasks throughout the loan cycle, such as issue receipts, keep journals, monitor loan settlements and assists you to remain compliant with the National Credit Act (NCA). Proloan is based on generally accepted accounting principles and has been used as a trusted loan management system since 2004.


Compuloan LogoIt took four years and over 30 000 man hours to bring you Compuloan, our advanced debtor management system. With Compuloan you can complete customers’ applications efficiently with the system’s built in origination module; store your data in a central location and manage the entire agreement process effectively as the system fits in with the operation of your specific processes. Furthermore, Compuloan assists you to remain complaint with the NCA and maintain an overview of your business with its customised reports.

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compuwatch logoCompuWatch provides Credit Check subscribers with an efficient tool to monitor borrowers movements in the credit industry. With CompuWatch credit providers can choose which credit bureau data to monitor and set up triggers and alerts for specific borrowers. By using  CompuWatch, credit providers receive updated information on their borrowers as soon as it’s available on our database allowing them to take immediate action to minimise risk and prevent fraud as well as make significant savings by initiating loss prevention actions.

Account Verification Services

AVS LogoOur Account Verification Services (AVS) allows you to efficiently verify the bank details of a consumer or business and determine the status of this account – whether the account is currently open or closed and whether it has been open for more than three months. AVS is a web service that allows for third party integration and enables you to submit and receive records via the AVS file import/export service. AVS is of great value to credit providers and other businesses that require a means of verifying the validity of a consumer or business’ bank account before making a pay-out.

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Contactability Batch Data

Credit Bureau Data LogoReceive consumer identity information (minimum: ID, name, surname) together with all contact information (telephone numbers, addresses, employment details) available on our bureau database with your return string. The return layout will be customised to meet your system requirements where possible.

Adding Public Domain Flags to Consumer Data

To the consumer information we receive, we will add flags that indicate whether the consumer is under debt restructuring, under administration or deceased.

Income Predictor

Income Predictor LogoCompuscan’s Income Predictor accurately predicts the gross monthly income of individuals to support your decision making throughout the consumer credit life-cycle. Income Predictor can be invaluable in determining upsell and cross sell opportunities from one’s client base during the customer management phase.

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Load Defaults

Load Defaults LogoLoad defaults assists in the recovery of outstanding consumer debt, which allows you to list all defaults in accordance with the National Credit Act.

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