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Our Products

Please see below an overview of our complete range of products.

AVS Logo Account Verification ServicesProtect your business by establishing the validity of consumers’ and businesses’ bank account details with our Account Verification Services.

BSV Logo Bureau Summary VariablesA 360° view of your clients is obtained by quantifying exposure and behaviour across a comprehensive range of vertical markets.

Codix Logo CodixSpeed up your approval processes and make consistent and accurate credit decisions across all of your branches with our automated decision support tools.

Columbus Logo ColumbusFind missing debtors with the latest online tracing technology. Columbus allows you to search an extensive connections network and obtain reliable contact information to successfully collect on debt.

Compuloan Logo CompuloanStreamline your workflow processes and maintain uniformity across all branches as you manage the entire agreement process with our advanced debtor management system.

CompuScore ABC Logo CompuScore ABCCompuScore ABC is a leading edge suite of credit bureau scores which predicts consumer credit behaviour and the probability of default throughout the credit life-cycle.

Credit Check Logo Credit CheckCredit Check is an online interface that offers a range of functionalities and provides subscribers with access to our comprehensive consumer and business credit information in real-time.

Credit Bureau Data Logo Credit Bureau DataObtain direct online and offline access to our comprehensive datasets which provide you with the power to make confident credit decisions.

ECI Logo Employment Confidence Index (ECI)Lend with confidence and reduce application fraud by verifying the accuracy of your credit applicants’ employment particulars.

Income Predictor Logo Income PredictorAccurately predict the income level of an individual consumer with Compuscan’s Income Predictor.

Load Defaults Logo Load DefaultsEffectively list individuals who have defaulted through our consumer default service, Load Defaults.

Marketing Logo Marketing ServicesIdentify the best target market with an acceptable credit profile to maximise the return on your marketing spend.

Proloan Logo Person Verification ServicesManage risk and positively identify consumers when face-to-face verification is not possible.

Proloan Logo ProloanManage the entire loan cycle with a complete loan servicing, management, tracking and collections software platform.

Xcelerator Logo XceleratorWith our automated application processing and filing system, you are provided with the convenience you need to maximise your time and the success of your business.