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Prospecting and Marketing

At Compuscan we understand that in order for your marketing messages to be effective it is vital that they are being received by the most suitable prospects.  To ensure that this occurs Compuscan can provide you with the refined data you need to effectively reach the correct individuals.

Contactability Batch Data

Credit Bureau Data LogoReceive consumer identity information (minimum: ID, name, surname) together with all contact information (telephone numbers, addresses, employment details) available on our bureau database with your return string. The return layout will be customised to meet your system requirements where possible.

Income Predictor

Income Predictor LogoCompuscan’s Income Predictor accurately predicts the gross monthly income of individuals to support your decision making throughout the consumer credit life-cycle.  Using our Income Predictor in a batch or online environment you can receive a consumer’s predicted income value, the band in which the predicted income falls, an indication of the level of confidence assigned to the prediction, a calculation of the sum of the monthly credit commitments and the surplus/deficit amount between the predicted income and the consumer’s monthly bureau commitments.

Income Predictor can be used during the acquisition phase or during the prospecting and marketing phase to determine which consumers qualify for a particular product.

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Marketing Information Services

Marketing LogoUsing Compuscan’s Marketing Information Services you can be provided with up-to-date contact information on prospects who will not only qualify for, but also have a high probability of being interested in your offering.

Compuscan’s Marketing Information Services involves the following steps:

  • Client sources a marketing list from an appropriate vendor
  • Compuscan updates the contact details on the list with the most recent contact information
  • Pre-risk filters are applied which includes deduping against the existing customer base, previously mailed datasets and opt-out lists
  • Agreed upon risk filters are applied to eliminate individuals who would not pass the specified business rules
  • List is ranked using a response indicator to prioritise the target market
  • Response and defaults rates are monitored
  • Criteria are recalibrated and optimised

This service will assist you to:

  • Put the most effective campaign together for a successful response
  • Calculate and improve your response rates
  • Manage client relationships more effectively
  • Cross-sell products and services
  • Obtain quality client contacts


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