CSH Group

CSH Group

Bringing together experts in credit referencing, marketing, scoring and modelling, data analytics, consultancy and training services to build great companies.

The CSH Group is a holdings entity that was established in 2014 after pan-emerging markets investor, Actis, obtained a majority stake in the Compuscan group of companies (Compuscan, Compuscan Academy, ScoreSharp). Soon thereafter, the CSH Group embarked on its first acquisition as it welcomed South African marketing service provider, P:Cubed, to the entity in 2015.

With its main focus to expand business into new markets through acquisition and organic growth, the CSH Group will utilise funds to invest in and provide management services to its member companies. The group provides services covering a broad spectrum that includes credit bureau services, credit scoring and data analytics services, credit marketing services, loyalty programs, and credit skills training services.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of data driven customer growth solutions. We bring together experts in credit referencing, marketing, scoring and modelling, data analytics, consultancy and training services to build great companies. Furthermore, our vision is to assist clients to manage credit risk and to grow their business successfully. The Group’s vision is to use our strengths and abilities to create outstanding shareholder value in the companies that CSH invests in.


Our mission is to acquire, invest in, and build great companies which in turn will enable the delivery of unparalleled services to businesses and the lives of consumers.

What we stand for

Relationships. We are committed to developing long-term relationships built on confidence and trust.

Passion. We are extremely passionate about the industries and companies we interact with.

Expertise. We bring the highest level of expertise to the table. Our staff and affiliated consultants are amongst the top recognised experts in various industries, fields of technology and functional areas.

Technology. We believe that technology is the key to becoming the leader in our fast-changing economic environment.

Partnership. We promote collaborative partnerships with our member companies and consider every part of our business operations an integral extension of our partners’ success.

Integrity. We insist on applying honesty and fairness as the principle guides against which all of our actions are measured.

Opportunity. Our ability to recognise and seize growth opportunities is at the core of what we do and we believe it forms the cornerstone of our services and unique offerings.

Board of Directors 

Ali Mazanderani (Actis)
Remo Lenisa (Compuscan)
David Cooke (Actis)
Pieter van Heerden (ScoreSharp)
Michael Jordaan (Non-executive Chairman)

Who we are

Compuscan is a full service credit bureau. Established in South Africa in 1994, Compuscan has become the leading provider of credit management solutions in emerging markets. The company currently operates in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Uganda and Lesotho. With over 20 years’ experience in the operation of credit bureaus, Compuscan’s highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate group of directors, management team and staff have what it takes to provide world-class credit management services.

Compuscan Academy is a skills development and training provider that delivers nationwide accredited training services to the credit and financial services industries. Our focus at Compuscan Academy is to provide training for companies in need of skills development interventions to make them competitive and profitable. We have a wide variety of training programmes which can be customised to your industry and training needs.

ScoreSharp is a specialised credit risk management consultancy has been part of the Compuscan division since 2009, providing data analytics and predictive modelling solutions. ScoreSharp’s main business involves delivering robust data structures as the foundation for deployment of optimal data analytics, predictive modelling and consulting.  After Compuscan acquired full ownership of ScoreSharp in 2011, the companies could strategically advance their business with a number of enhanced offerings to continue to build a stellar reputation. Delivering uncompromised, innovative solutions and services which provide immense value to their clients, ScoreSharp has positioned itself at the forefront of a growing sector.

Founded in 2004, P:Cubed is a specialist analytically driven marketing services provider, offering growth solutions to banking, micro-lending, credit, insurance, retail, telecommunications, loyalty and rewards companies.  The combined CSH platform will continue to focus on South Africa, while broadening its offering in other African and emerging markets.

Equity funder

Actis invests exclusively in the emerging markets with a growing portfolio of investments in Asia, Africa and Latin America; it currently has US$7 billion funds under management. Combining the expertise of over 120 investment professionals on the ground in nine countries, Actis identifies investment opportunities in three areas: private equity, energy and real estate. Over 40% of Actis’s investments are located in Africa with over $1.9 billion invested across 18 countries on the continent. Actis is proud to actively and positively grow the value of those companies in which it invests and in so doing, contribute to broader society.

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